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A Shore Adrift, in Driftwood Sculpture! Riverside Park along the Hudson River

Headed down the Westside Highway from 125th Street this weekend Harlem One Stop was surprised and intrigued to find a series of driftwood forms that resemble everything from the bleached remains of some ancient dinosaur, to the structural remnants of a former Robinson Crusoe encampment, or more possibly, the primitive sculptural totems from a recently departed reality show!

In any case, they serve as a charming distraction from the agravation of slow moving traffic, evoking man’s primal connection to nature, water and land, against a distant shore and blue horizon.

We’ve been unable to ascertain any specific information about an artist or others that may have been involved in making the these constructions and the mystery makes them all the more intriguing.

Take a look during your next trip down the westside, even better, take a walk along the river for an even closer view!

Harlem One Stop

Harlem One Stop