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The KIOSK Praise from on high… we’re talking Canada!

Harlem One Stop gets endless inquires about all manner of places in Harlem and upper Manhattan.

Just recently a Canadian vistor called to see if we could retrace from her description a restaurant she and a friend had wandered into on 116th Street during a recent visit to NYC.

She mentioned colorful hookah pipes, great food, coffee and a delightful owner, all of which had Harlem One Stop surprisingly stumped. Following her lead, we explored the area only to discover “The KIOSK” a Moroccan restaurant that closely fit her description. All we can say upon checking the place out further is that she lead us to one of the greatest restaurant finds around… and Harlem One Stop has her Canadian curiousity to thank for it.

Everything about the restaurant is charming and delighful, so we encourage you to run, not walk there as soon as you can.

The Kiosk

76-80 East 116th Street
Between Park & Madison
Phone:(212) 348 9010

Harlem One Stop

Harlem One Stop