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PUZZLE TWINS Captured or Shared in Look and Spirit!

Barack Obama, when recently asked, “who would you pick, to play you in a movie” responded by choosing an actor he said, had ears like his.

Above are several “Twins” in appearance and spirit, including Obama’s doppelgänger ear mate. From these images and the following clues, try to match up all the “Twins.” Good Luck, and respond under comments with your answers.

  • One of the “Misfits”
    1. Thelma Ritter
    2. Duchess of Windsor
  • “Supreme” songstress
    3. Mary J. Blige
    4. Diana Ross
  • Leading Man
    5. Barack H. Obama
    6. W ill Smith
  • Jacko’s “Jackie”
    7. Michael Jackson
    8. Jackie Kennedy Onassis
  • The Wizard of “O” star
    9. Bert Lahr
    10. Oparh Winfrey
  • Folk’s, “Good Times”
    11. Odetta
    12. Esther Rolle
  • Leave it to “Theodore”
    13. Jerry Mathers
    14. Teddy Kennedy
  • If ever, ever, a “Wiz” there was…
    15. J. P. Morgan
    16. Frank Morgan

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