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On the Village Drum: A Righteous Sister Donna Brazile on the Election

Barbara Jordon, Fannie Lou Hamer, Shirley Chisholm and Rosa Parks.

If you’re on the e-mail list of my brother-in-law or some other chronic blasters of African American humor, news, and rumor, you may find yourself either deleting their messages, unread, or placing them last in the que for review. However, on occasion, there are some that make you take notice.

The other day, the subject heading, ” Donna Brazile speaks her mind” grabbed my curiosity. Upon reviewing her Youtube commentary I was reminded of several other direct speakin’ and plain talkin’ professional 20th Century sisters, who like herself, have helped to shoulder our advance, and to whom we owe a great debt. Though pioneer political women like Barbara Jordan, Fannie Lou Hamer, Shirley Chisholm and Rosa Parks are no longer with us, Ms. Brazile’s spirited remarks remind us “win or lose” from wens we’ve come.

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