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William Jefferson Clinton Slept Here!Historic Harlem Site?

Historic Site: Convent Avenue Baptist Church
420 West 145th Street at Convent Avenue New York, NY

New York City and Harlem in particular have numerous sites that boast, “George Washington slept here” and I’m certain that between him and our current president there have been many other commander and chief ZZZZs clocked in Manhattan. However, in this era of multi-tasking and multi-use, “live/work” scenario’s one has to give the “nod” to former President Bill Clinton for his highly documented effort at “Sleep/Prayer” earlier this week at Harlem’s Convent Avenue Baptist Church.

Look out NYC Landmarks Commission!… we’ll soon be looking for an interior church designation, or at least protection for the cushioned chair. I can only imagine the historic documentation report…. “Site of Bill Clinton’s famous, I have a dream seat.”

Historic Film Doumentaition, Item #25886543-08

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